Government to Extend Correctional Centres– Avers VP Dr. Jalloh

Government to Extend Correctional Centres– Avers VP Dr. Jalloh

His Excellency the Vice President Dr. Juldeh Jalloh has said that the government is working towards extending Correctional Centres across the country.

He made this disclosure past Saturday during his tour of the Mafanta Correctional Centre, Magburaka.
Addressing a gathering of corrections officers and some inmates, who collected about him, the Vice President said he went there as part of his routine visits to the Tonkoliki District.

“I decided to come visit this centre because I am the chairman of both the Police and Correctional Service Councils.”
He owned up to the fact that it was their duty as a government to ensure that the condition of the Correctional Service as well as the well being of inmates is at its best.
“As I look at most of you now, I can tell that most of you are below thirty-five years old. You are young, full of energy and you have the prospect of a bright future,” he observed.
The VP went on to say that the government is highly expectant that the corrections programmes that are being implemented by the SLCS will be of benefit to inmates.

Encouraging inmates to make good use of training opportunities being offered by the SLCS, the VP said when they (inmates) eventually come out of Correctional Centres, they should become “useful citizens, good citizens, who would make families and live happily ever after”.
“We are telling you that all is not lost yet; the only way you can survive is by being a law abiding citizen,” he admonished.

While making his own submissions, the Director General of the SLCS- Mr. Sanpha Bilo Kamara, expressed delight over the VP’s tour of that centre, adding Dr. Juldeh Jalloh was the first VP to have shown up at the Mafanta Correctional Centre.


A couple of weeks ago, it could be recalled that both mainstream and social media were awash with unpleasant photos and videos depicting a negative image about the SLCS. Since then, the government, in tandem with the SLCS has been working relentlessly to bring about a sound solution to the problems of overcrowding and inmates’ welfare.


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