Condemn Inmates to be Moved to Mafanta Correctional Centre

Condemn inmates will soon be relocated from the Pademba road Correctional Centre to the Mafanta Correctional Centre, according to the Director General of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service, Mr. Joseph Lamboi.

This, he said, is part of efforts to solve the overcrowding problem in the Pademba road Correctional Centre, especially the condemn block.

“The condemn block was constructed to house twenty- eight (28) inmates, but it now houses more than 65 of them. This poses some security threats. I stressed this point in our last council meeting, chaired by His Excellency the Vice President. The VP urged us to do the necessaries in order to tackle the choking situation of the condemn and life imprisonment inmates,” the DG revealed.

Mr. Lamboi enlightened that condemn inmates are those who committed serious crimes such as murder, treason, robbery with aggravation, and others enshrined in the Criminal Procedure Act.

“The kinds of crimes they committed means that they are to be placed in a maximum prison facility, and the only maximum prison we have in the country is the Pademba road Correctional Centre. As soon as these inmates are moved out of the Pademba road Correctional Centre, Mafanta Centre will immediately be classed a maxim prison.”

The Mafanta Correctional Centre, DG further explained, is the only Centre in the country that does not house remand, trial, or appellant inmates- it was designed to accommodate only convicted inmates, adding the Centre’s maximum capacity is 450, with three blocks within.

While on an assessment visit at Mafanta, the DG and some other key officers identified one of the blocks as fit for keeping the condemn inmates.