UNDP Doles out Phones to Correctional Centres

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has supplied closed- user-group mobile phones to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service.

The phones have been credited with vouchers which will last for one month, according to Walter Neba Esq.- Rule of Law Specialist- UNDP.

He added that the mobile company will refill the phones with credits that will last for three more months “after the current one expires”.

The UNDP’s Rule of Law Specialist also stated that each Corrections facility will be given one mobile phone.

“This initiative is not only meant for officers in management positions to share information among themselves, but also for inmates to keep in touch with their relatives and friends, considering the fact that visitations have been suspended indefinitely.”

This development will maintain stability and forestall any uprising within the Centres, Walter Neba Esq. hoped.

The Director General of the SLCS- Mr. Joseph Lamboi reprised that the SLCS “has benefitted a lot from the UNDP in recent past”.

Mr. Lamboi made a passionate appeal to the UNDP to assist “us with the refurbishment of isolation facilities which were used during the Ebola period”.

He said he wanted the SLCS to implement similar strategies used during the Ebola to fend off the Covid- 19.



By CO Leslie Cole- Showers (National PRO- SLCS)

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