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For those children we hope could lead us tomorrow are for them that we work. See his white eyes show peace from his heart and wish he would be part of a growing generation full of prospect and free from crime so that they can be at liberty in Sierra Leone and beyond. He looks quite sure of his future whiles in the Sierra Leone Prisons Service Primary School............................................. Welcome to the Sierra Leone Prisons Primary School.
                         2017 ACADEMIC YEAR
Prisons primary school wins laurel

“The change from ‘prisons to corrections’ is not only by nomenclature (name) but by performance”
This was the Director General of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service’s opening statement on receiving Certificates for best
performance of the Prisons Primary School during the “Fifth Under Primary Spelling Bee Quiz Competition” organized by the
Educational Development Organisation operating within the Brookfields community. The program attracted participants from five
primary schools within the best Brookfields community in which a Class five pupil Rebecca Dumbuya and Rashid Sankoh of Class
six of the Prison Primary School emerged as the best competitors.
Their performance attracted the judges of the competition and were left with no option but to rate the school as the fastest
growing and best among the schools that took part in the competition.
This laurel, encouraged management of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service especially the Director General to offer the pupils
one year Scholarship to motivate them. He commended the Head Teacher and team for their hard work and encourage them to
win more laurels. He said the department is not only self-reliant on completion of their incarceration terms in Correctional
Centers, but also prepare “would be leaders” by providing them with the opportunity to acquire the best education the
department can offer to contribute to national development.
The Head Teacher of the Prison Primary School expressed gratitude to management particularly the Director General for the
great support the school enjoys from the Correctional Service. She promised to work hand in gloves with her staff to keep the
flames of academic excellence of the Prison Primary School Higher.

                                                                                                                S.S Turay (Supt)
                                                                                                                Public Relations Officer
                                                                                                                /Staff Officer II
                                                                                                                Sierra Leone Correctional Service