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The Sierra Leone Prisons Service has been transformed to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service from a 2010 Bill to a prospective Act of Parliament 2013, which enactment, His Excellency the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma will be graciously very much please to do in his prerogative. The  departmentís focus from prisons to correctional functions with the ability to provide better facilities through the Ministry of Internal Affairs to manage correctional centres and for matters incidental thereto. As this Correctional Bill is now been enacted, it has establish a body known as the Sierra Leone Correctional Services Council.

In all the 12 Districts found in the provincial localities of Sierra Leone and the Western Area of the country, the Sierra Leone Correctional Service keep inmates in such correctional centres.
Every inmate is in the lawful custody of the officer in charge subject to the provisions of the prospective Sierra Leone Correctional Service Act of 2014, shall remain in such lawful custody and be subject to correctional centre discipline and to all laws, orders and directives relating to correctional centres and inmates during the whole period of his or her imprisonment or detention, whether he or she is or is not within the precincts of a correctional centre.

Every Manager in Charge shall keep and detain all persons duly committed to his or her custody by any court or other competent authority, according to the provisions of the warrant or order by which such person has been committed, or until such person is discharged by due course of law.
In addition to the safe and secured correctional detention functions, the Sierra Leone Correctional Service shall strive to transform inmates through and by capacitating them with skills training that will construct a path-way toward community reintegration for inmates.
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